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Tantalizing Hint Of Room-Temperature Superconductor

Tiny, isolated patches of superconductivity exist within certain ceramics at higher temperatures than previously thought possible, according to a report by Princeton scientists in Nature. The researchers say their findings were made possible by new techniques to image superconducting behavior at the nanoscale, producing “maps” of superconductivity in various materials. Room-temperature superconductivity could revolutionize power […]

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Magnetic Appeal Of Schizophrenic Superconductors

Researchers believe they have developed a theory to explain how ultra-narrow wires (nanowires) show enhanced superconductivity when exposed to strong magnetic fields. The new theory, applying to wires only a few hundred atoms across, appears in Physical Review Letters. Magnetic fields are something of an enigma when it comes to superconductors. Generally, magnetic fields suppress […]

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