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Atomic spin captured in image

The use of atomic spin to create nanoscale magnetic storage devices – a research field known as spintronics – is a hot topic in physics and computing, but until now no one had actually seen this quantum mechanical property of electrons in action. That has now changed thanks to the work of physicists at Ohio […]

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Getting A Handle On Spintronics

An experiment, conducted by electrical engineers from the University of Delaware (UD) and Cambridge NanoTech, has shown for the first time that the spin properties of electrons in silicon can be measured and controlled. The discovery could dramatically advance the emerging field of spintronics, which focuses on harnessing the “spin” property of electrons – instead […]

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Magnetic Memory Research Attracts More Funding

Physicists at the University of Leeds have embarked upon an ambitious multimillion-dollar project to develop new materials that they hope will allow computers to become faster and smaller. Instead of using electrical charges to represent data; processors and memory made of the new materials would rely on magnetism. The researchers claim that using magnetism in […]

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