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Nose loses monopoly on sense of smell

In a discovery suggesting that odors may have a far more important role in life than previously supposed, scientists have found that heart, blood, lung, and other areas of the body have the same olfactory receptors for sensing odors that exist in the nose. Lead researcher Peter Schieberle, of the Technical University of Munich, presented […]

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Psychopaths revealed via smell test

Psychopathic tendencies appear to be associated with an impaired sense of smell, say Australian scientists who believe inefficient processing in the front part of the brain is to blame. Details of the experiments, conducted by Mehmet Mahmut and Richard Stevenson, from Macquarie University, appear in the journal Chemosensory Perception. Past studies have shown that people […]

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New Understanding Of Insect Olfactory Mechanism

The tree of life may need to be redrawn, say researchers from Rockefeller University and the University of Tokyo who have joined forces to reveal that insects have adopted a strategy to detect odors that is radically different from those of other organisms – an unexpected and controversial finding. Researchers had always assumed that all […]

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