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Ovulation triggers female risk-taking behavior

It has long been recognized that women’s preferences for masculine men change throughout their menstrual cycle, but a new study from the Kinsey Institute pinpoints the areas of the brain that change around ovulation and reveals how these changes affect both sensory discrimination and risk processing. The study, published in Evolution and Human Behavior, sheds […]

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Melanoma Not Without Benefits

Though skin cancer is deadly to male swordtail fish, it also has one perk: black melanoma splotches help lure females, suggesting that the melanoma gene is conserved for its beneficial role in sexual selection. The study, published inProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, marks the first time scientists have found a cancer gene linked […]

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Farmlands Too Toxic For Amphibians

University of Florida (UF) zoologists have found that toads in busy suburban areas are less likely to suffer from reproductive system abnormalities than toads near farms – where some of the amphibians they examined had both testes and ovaries. The new study is likely to have wide implications for the longstanding debate over whether agricultural […]

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New Molecular Insights Into Post-Coital “Ladies’ Choice”

It’s common knowledge that males take the obvious sexual selection route, using bright plumage, energetic mating dances or fancy sports cars to lure mates. But it seems as though females may have adopted a much more sneaky strategy for choosing who they want to breed with. In the Journal of Proteome Research, scientists report possible […]

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Inventing Illness

What’s wrong with being shy? And when did other ordinary human behaviors in children and adults become psychiatric disorders treatable with powerful, potentially dangerous drugs? These are the questions posed in a new book by Northwestern University scholar Christopher Lane, questions that are already creating waves in the mental health community. In Shyness: How Normal […]

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Dehydrated Females Quench Thirst With Ejaculate

University of Exeter biologists say that some female beetles often mate simply to quench their thirst and overcome dehydration. The sexual imperative is provided by male beetles who produce unusually large ejaculates (up to 10 percent of their body weight), tempting dehydrated females to accept sexual invitations simply to get hold of the water in […]

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Females Get Into Sexual Selection Game

Peacock tails, the antlers of a bull elk and the lion’s mane have all evolved in male animals thanks to competition for reproductive success. These products of sexual selection were typically found only in male animals but it now seems that sexual selection is also alive and well in female meerkats. In the journal Nature, […]

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Stealth And Sacrifice Show Evolution At Work

Male crickets on the Hawaiian island of Kauai have undergone a sudden heritable change that has rendered most of them incapable of using song, their sexual signal, to attract female crickets. However, according to a new study by University of California – Riverside evolutionary biologists, the crickets have devised an ingenious behavioral change to allow […]

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