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Sexual arousal neutralizes disgust response

Dutch researchers have found that natural responses to disgusting stimuli were lessened significantly when female subjects were sexually aroused. The researchers, from the University of Groningen, believe the findings may provide new insights into female sexual dysfunction. The results, in the journal PLoS ONE, also shed light on the paradoxical nature of the evolutionary relevant […]

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Food and sex behaviors predicted with MRI

Previously used in experiments to see whether it could predict pop music success, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain is now being turned to more serious endeavors. Dartmouth College scientists using MRI to investigate the areas of the brain to do with reward and self-control found they could predict the subjects’ levels of weight […]

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Unusual physiological changes observed after adolescent sex

Working with adolescent male and mature female hamsters, researchers have found that sex during adolescence can have effects on the body and the chemistry of the brain that last well into adulthood. Researchers Zachary Weil and Randy Nelson, both from Ohio State University’s Department of Neuroscience, say the findings may be applicable to understanding human […]

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Sex appeal as important as education?

“Erotic capital” is the implicit but powerful commodity that can count just as much as educational qualifications in the labor market, politics, media or the arts, argues a new study by a sociologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science. “Beauty and sex appeal have become more important personal assets in the sexualized […]

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The joy of sex – courtesy of parasites

Why do we have sex? From an evolutionary perspective, the answer is not as obvious as we might think. And now, a fascinating new study inAmerican Naturalist suggests that sex may have evolved primarily as a defense against parasites. Sex is something of an evolutionary mystery to biologists, as reproducing without sex – as microbes, […]

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