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Chemosignal Unlocks Sexual Desire In Women

Breastfeeding women and their infants produce apheromone-like chemical that increases sexual desire among other women, according to researchers at the University of Chicago. The research is reported in the latest issue of the journalHormones and Behavior. “This is the first report in humans of a natural social chemosignal that increases sexual motivation,” said Martha McClintock, […]

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Arctic Sea Ice Continues To Disappear

Researchers from the University of Colorado have found that the extent of Arctic sea ice is continuing its rapid decline. Satellite information indicates the September 2004 sea ice extent was 13 percent below average, a reduction in area nearly twice the size of Texas. The decline in sea ice extent during September has averaged about […]

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Neutrino Detectors Watching For Supernovas

A Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS) that detects neutrino particles that are the earliest emanations from the death throes of large stars will alert astronomers to the blasts before they can see the flash. SNEWS “could allow astronomers a chance to make unprecedented observations of the very early turn-on of the supernova,” wrote the authors […]

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Novel Nanotubes Terminate Bio-Nasties

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have synthesized a simple molecule that not only produces perfectly uniform, self-assembled nanotubes but creates what they call a “nanocarpet”, where the nanotubes organize themselves into an expanse of upright clusters that resemble the fibers of a shag rug. Additionally, the tubes display sensitivity to different agents by changing […]

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Lactic Acid Not The Culprit In Muscle Fatigue

Scientists at La Trobe University in Melbourne and at the University of Aarhus in Denmark have discovered the mechanism by which acidity helps prevent muscle fatigue. Their discovery overturns the previously held belief among physiologists and athletes that acidity, through a build up of lactic acid, is a major cause of muscle fatigue. The research, […]

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Big Brain Evolved Through Social Problem Solving

Why did humans evolve such large brains? While humans have an unusual array of characteristics that distinguish us from other species, it is our cognitive abilities and open-ended thinking that are most remarkable. University of Missouri-Columbia researchers found that the ability to excel at social problem solving led human brains to surpass other species in […]

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Obesity Risk Factors Present At Birth For African Americans

Obesity is more prevalent among African Americans than among Caucasians. In a retrospective study of 447 African American subjects published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, compared data collected at birth with measurements of adiposity taken in early adulthood. Among 9 potential independent birth variables, 3 were strongly associated with adult obesity: first-born status, […]

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