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Robots get micro-tentacles to handle delicate objects

Using a transparent elastomer, Iowa State University scientists have created tiny tentacles that robots can wrap around delicate objects to handle them safely. The spiraling microrobotic tentacles are described in a research paper published in the journal Scientific Reports. Demonstrating how one of the tentacles encircled an ant’s thorax, softly trapping the insect, lead researcher […]

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Largest ever self-organizing swarm of robots created

Harvard computer scientists have demonstrated how a self-organizing swarm of 1,024 small robots can collaborate to enact complex behaviors. According to lead developer Radhika Nagpal, the small, simple robots (named “Kilobots”) represent a significant milestone in the development of collective artificial intelligence. The three-legged Kilobots and their swarming behaviors are detailed in the latest issue […]

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Jumping Robot Designed With Rough Terrain In Mind

Designed to explore rough, inaccessible terrain or to aid in search and rescue operations, researchers from the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have unveiled a novel, grasshopper-inspired jumping robot at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Pasadena, California. The robot weighs a miniscule 7 grams, and […]

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The formation of the Lagoon Nebula is a long-standing mystery of astronomy. Situated about 3,800 light years from Earth, the nebula is a stellar nursery where stars of high mass and luminosity are being born. The hottest and brightest stars in the region influence surrounding gas clouds, making them glow in classic Òemission nebulaÓ style. SALT may help astronomers learn how the nebula was formed. Through spectroscopic measurements, scientists expect to learn more about the Lagoon Nebula as they promise a first look at how atoms behave in the clouds and give it its distinct appearance.
Used with permission by:  UW-Madison University Communications 608-262-0067
Photo by:  courtesy Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) project
Date:  2005     File#:  scan provided

To Boldly Go Where No Rock Lobster Has Gone Before

Australian scientists claim they have found another use for crayfish (rock lobster) besides a seafood salad. Rather than a tasty treat, Professor David Macmillan of the University of Melbourne argues that these crustaceans could provide new models for robots destined for NASA space missions. While the good Professor acknowledges that crayfish (Cherax destructor) are not […]

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Robot “Skin” Vital For Automated Space Exploration

NASA technologist Vladimir Lumelsky from the Goddard Space Flight Center believes the future of robotics lies with the development of a high-tech, sensor-embedded covering that would be able to sense the environment, much like human skin. Lumelsky has begun setting up a laboratory at Goddard to develop a high-tech covering that would enable robots to […]

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