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The cloning of quantum information from the past may be Achilles’ heel of quantum cryptography

While the notion of physically travelling through time may still be the stuff of science fiction, a new research paper from Louisiana State University shows that it is theoretically possible to copy quantum data from the past. The new work has surprising ramifications for the field of quantum cryptography, which is widely touted as the […]

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Quantum effect in photosynthesis leaves researchers mystified

Using ultrafast spectroscopy, scientists have observed what happens at the subatomic level during the very first stage of photosynthesis and uncovered a much more fundamental interaction than had previously been considered possible. The researchers, from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Notre Dame, have published their findings in the […]

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Physicists grapple with limits to spookiness

Physicists say they have found an equation which shows that non-locality and uncertainty, the two defining properties of quantum physics, are quantitatively linked and that the “amount” of non-locality is determined by the uncertainty principle. The result is a breakthrough in our basic understanding of quantum mechanics and addresses the question of why quantum behavior […]

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