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Contraceptive pill to blame for rise in prostate cancer?

Intriguing new findings from Canadian researchers link rates of prostate cancer around the globe to environmental estrogen pollution caused by the contraceptive pill. The researchers, David Margel and Neil Fleshner, from Toronto University, make the case for their hypothesis in the British Medical Journal. Margel and Fleshner used data from the International Agency for Research […]

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Cold weather and prostate cancer: what’s the connection?

Cold, dry weather has been linked to an increased incidence of prostate cancer and researchers believe that the way in which weather patterns interact withpersistent organic pollutants (POPs) may be the underlying factor. Idaho State University researcher Sophie St-Hilaire worked with colleagues to study the correlation between various weather parameters and the incidence of prostate […]

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Compelling new evidence for prostate cancer virus

A type of virus known to cause leukemia and sarcomas in animals has been found for the first time in malignant human prostate cancer cells. The finding could have important implications for the development of a vaccine to block infection by the virus and thus prevent the development of prostate cancer. The researchers behind the […]

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