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“Ethanol subsidies a poor investment economically and environmentally,” study finds

To avoid creating greenhouse gases, it makes more sense using today’s technology to leave land unfarmed in conservation reserves than to plow it up for corn to make biofuel, according to a new Duke University-led study. “Converting set-asides to corn-ethanol production is an inefficient and expensive greenhouse gas mitigation policy that should not be encouraged […]

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Atom-Smashers Get Peek At Top Quark

International physicists have detected for the first time a subatomic particle – the top quark – without the simultaneous production of its antimatter partner. This rare event, set to be reported in Physical Review Letters, could help scientists better explain how the universe works and how objects acquire their mass. The top quark is the […]

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Rodent Comparison Supports Hygiene Hypothesis

A study appearing in the Scandinavian Journal of Immunology lends support to the idea that too much cleanliness can be bad for you. The results may explain why people in industrialized societies that practice high standards of hygiene have higher rates of allergy and autoimmune diseases than do people in less developed societies in which […]

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