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Artistic mega-octopus may topple ichthyosaur from top of Triassic food chain

Neatly arranged fossilized vertebrae from a number of bus-sized ichthyosaurs could actually be a self portrait composed by a verylarge prehistoric octopus predator previously unknown to science, according to paleontologist Mark McMenamin, from Mount Holyoke College. McMenamin’s proposed rejig of the Triassic food chain places the air-breathing, snaggle-toothed ichthyosaur beneath what he says was an […]

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Of Pendulums And Predation

If one pendulum is connected to another with a spring, in time, the motions of the two pendulums will become coordinated. Such systems, known as coupled oscillators, could soon help biologists to understand critical questions in biology, such as why some locations overflow with plants and animals while others are bereft. The idea of oscillating […]

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