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Exotic Underground Bacteria Thrive On Radiation Rather Than Sunlight

Astrobiologists have welcomed the discovery of uranium-cooking bacteria that live two miles under the Earth’s surface. Such exotic and hardy organisms indicate that life might exist in subsurface environments on all sorts of planets that were previously considered inhospitable. Details of the find were reported by researchers from Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) and eight collaborating […]

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Swimming Critters Add New Variable To Climate Confusion

Phytoplankton – the microscopic plants that form the foundation of the marine food chain – generate an astonishing amount of power, report oceanographers from Florida State University (FSU). FSU’s Professor William Dewar has calculated that the little critters generate about five times the annual total power consumption of the human world. He added that the […]

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UV Light Turns Plankton Into Cloud Factories

Much like Dr. Evil’s weather control machine, plankton may be able to change the weather, and longer term climate, in ways to benefit the tiny organism. New research confirms a theory that plankton can indirectly create clouds that block some of the Sun’s harmful UV rays. The study was conducted by Dierdre Toole of the […]

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