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Pesticides may be source of norovirus in food

Outbreaks of norovirus (also known as the winter vomiting bug) are frequently linked to the consumption of fresh food, but identifying where the virus first came from is difficult, if not impossible. Now, a new study published in theInternational Journal of Food Microbiologyindicates that contaminated water used to dilute pesticides may be how norovirus enters […]

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Pesticides at “safe” levels combine to form deadly cocktail

Concentrations of the ten most widely used pesticides that fall within EPA safe-exposure levels, when combined, form an extremely toxic mixture that is deadly to amphibians and may represent a significant threat to humans in the future, according to University of Pittsburgh research published in the journal Oecologia. Study author Rick Relyea, an associate professor […]

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“Shocking” Pesticide Levels Found In Beehives

An analysis by Penn State researchers of beehive wax has shown unprecedented levels of fluvalinate and coumaphos – pesticides used in the hives to combat varroa mites – in all hive samples. The researchers also found lower levels of 70 other pesticides (used to protect agricultural crops) and metabolites of those pesticides in pollen and […]

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Pesticide Contamination Ubiquitous In Pregnant Women

A study from the University of Granada in Spain that analyzed the presence of organochlorine pesticides in pregnant women found that all the participants showed placental traces of at least one pesticide. More alarmingly, on average, the women were contaminated with eight different pesticides. Organochlorine pesticides fall into a group of chemical compounds known as […]

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