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Nanotronics within reach with creation of molecule-sized diode

Arizona State University biodesigner N.J. Tao has found a way to make a key electrical component on a phenomenally tiny scale. The single-molecule diode created by Tao and his fellow researchers is described in this week’s Nature Chemistry. In the electronics world, diodes are ubiquitous and are essential ingredients for the semiconductor industry. Making components […]

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Visible light data network under development

The next generation of wireless communications technology will use visible light instead of radio waves, with data piggybacking on interior lighting systems which researchers say will offer both greater speed and better security than today’s radio networks. Boston University’s College of Engineering (BU) is developing the “smart lighting” system using low-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) […]

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MIT Created Fiber Web Sees Everything

Throw away those cumbersome camera lenses, as MIT has just developed a new and amazing lightweight web fiber that can “see”. The new light detecting material, featured in the journalNature Materials, is expected to have a myriad of uses, from aiding the visually impaired, to outfitting soldiers on the battlefield. And maybe the technology could […]

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First Light For SETI Optical Telescope

The hunt for extraterrestrial life has just advanced to a new level with a powerful new optical telescope seeing first light. The high-tech telescope, located at the Oak Ridge Observatory in Massachusetts, was backed by The Planetary Society and built by Harvard physicist Paul Horowitz and his team. The telescope was built for one purpose […]

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