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Oceanic acidification “unprecedented”

Carbon dioxide emissions are acidifying the planet’s oceans at a rate 10 times faster than occurred in the lead up to past mass extinctions of marine organisms, say an international team of researchers. Their study, appearing in the journal Science, analyzed paleontological records over the past 300 million years and concluded that the chemistry of […]

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Slimy Future Predicted For World’s Oceans

Habitat destruction, overfishing, ocean warming, increased acidification and massive nutrient runoff are combining to turn Earth’s oceans into simplistic ecosystems dominated by microbes, toxic algal blooms, jellyfish and disease, says Jeremy Jackson, a professor of oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. He contends that human activities are cumulatively driving the health […]

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Titan Moist, Say Cassini Boffins

Scientists using an instrument on NASA’s Cassini orbiter have confirmed that at least one other body in our solar system has a liquid lake. The lake, probably composed of ethane, is 150 miles long and located near the south pole of Saturn’s moon, Titan. The liquid lake was identified using Cassini’s visual and infrared mapping […]

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Climatologists Identify Areas To Be Most Affected By Warming

Climatologists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have been tinkering with their climate models and come up with some predictions about the areas on Earth that will be most affected by global warming. There new research appears in the journal Geophysical Research Lettersand builds on previous work that looked at ocean temperatures and […]

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