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Physicists explore negative entropy in computation

The notion that computers generate heat is familiar to everyone, but a group of physicists have discovered that, under certain conditions, computational processes can have a cooling effect. This seemingly cryptic finding, the details of which appear in Nature, relates to our basic understanding of knowledge and entropy. The researchers, Renato Renner and Vlatko Vedral […]

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Antioxidants found to impair muscle function

Antioxidants increasingly have been praised for their benefits against disease and aging, but new studies at Kansas State University show they can also seriously impair muscle function by limiting oxygen in the bloodstream. The discovery, reported in the Journal of Applied Physiology, came about while the researchers were studying how to improve oxygen delivery to […]

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Cosmic Rays The Biggest Culprit In Global Warming

Global warming will not be reduced much by efforts to limit carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere, say two scientists. Dr. Nir Shaviv, an astrophysicist from the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Prof. Jan Veiser a geochemist at the University of Ottawa in Canada, say that temperature variations are […]

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