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Natural selection reducing road kill

Urban environments can be evolutionary hotspots, suggests a study in the journal Current Biology that explored why road kill surveys show a sharp decline in bird mortality over the last 30 years. Charles R. Brown, of the University of Tulsa, has been studying cliff swallows in Nebraska since 1982. These birds build clusters of mud […]

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Revealed: New player in natural selection

The unexpected discovery of a new type of genetic variation suggests that natural selection – the force that drives evolution – is both more powerful and more complex than scientists had previously thought. The finding, published inNature, could help explain how some organisms, including bacterial pathogens, maintain high levels of diversity and adapt rapidly to […]

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ADHD A Benefit In The Wild?

A fascinating new study in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology suggests that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might be beneficial to nomadic Kenyan tribesmen in Africa, while possibly leading to malnourishment in their settled cousins. Led by Dan Eisenberg, an anthropologist from Northwestern University, the study looked at occurrences of the ADHD-associated version of the […]

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