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Black hole effect created with nanotube

Harvard physicists have found that a high-voltage nanotube can cause cold atoms to spiral inward under dramatic acceleration before disintegrating violently – an atomic scale destructive force that is eerily similar to the inexorable attraction black holes exert on matter at cosmic scales. “Importantly for scientists, this is the first merging of cold-atom and nanoscale […]

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New And Improved Insta-Nanotube!

Nanotubes are touted as useful for a range of applications – such as nanoelectronics and optics – but in order to be practical they have to be connectable. And while your local plumber may be able to connect water pipes in her sleep, joining nanotubes together into complex networks has so far proved to be […]

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Nanotube Transistor Created

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Clemson University, writing inNature Materials, said specially synthesized Y-shaped carbon nanotubes were shown to behave as electronic switches similar to conventional MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) transistors, the key element of modern microprocessors. They added that the carbon nanotube transistors exhibited superior electronic properties compared to […]

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