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Bend me, shape me… into a heart

The human body has lots of soft muscular systems that bend, twist, extend, and flex in complex ways. Robotic systems that try to emulate these biological workhorses have usually fallen well short, but a team of researchers at Harvard has developed a low-cost, programmable soft actuated material which can replicate the biological motions of the […]

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The color red provides speed and strength boost

When humans see the color red, their reactions become both faster and more forceful. People are mostly unaware of the color’s muscle boosting effect, but a new study suggests it could give sportspeople the edge in activities in which a brief burst of strength and speed is critical. The findings, published in the journal Emotion, […]

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“Bad” cholesterol not so evil

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – popularly known as bad cholesterol – turns out to be critical for building muscle mass, and lowering of the body’s LDL levels can cause serious health problems, say researchers at Texas A&M University in a new study. Researcher Steve Riechman said the study reveals that LDL is not the evil Darth […]

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Building Muscle From Fatty Stem Cells

Coming hot on the heels of the news that scientists have turned stem cells into sperm, theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that researchers have extracted adult stem cells from fatty tissue (adipose) and turned them into smooth muscle cells. Smooth muscle cells are found throughout the body and make up the walls […]

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