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Rate of Climate Change Increasing

The finding last week from NASA that summertime Arctic sea ice was declining at such a rate that it may disappear by the end of the century has been strengthened by scientists from Germany who say that the rate of climate change is increasing. NASA used satellite imagery to examine the extent of Arctic sea […]

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Jigsaw Puzzles Cause Xmas Arguments But Excite Boffins

Researchers have found that people use a number of different strategies to complete a jigsaw; at the extreme, a person can be either a ‘border obsessive’ or an ‘opportunistic’ jigsaw puzzler. When individuals collaborate with people who have a different jigsaw strategy – as can happen when a family dusts off the jigsaw for a […]

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Solar-Powered Robot Bird Set For Exploration Duties

Thanks to a grant from NASA, University of Missouri-Rolla researchers are developing the world’s first flapping-wing, solar-powered unmanned aircraft. Using thin-film solar arrays and an ionic polymer-metal composite material that can deform in an electric field like an artificial muscle and return to its original shape when the field is removed, the vehicle would be […]

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