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Facial aging more than skin deep

Facelifts to ward off the signs of aging are only fixing half the problem, according to University of Rochester Medical Center researchers who say that changes in facial bone structure – particularly with the jaw bone – occur as people age and contribute significantly to an aged appearance. Published in the Journal of Plastic and […]

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Ancient wildfire prevention technique reaps carbon credits

An Australian project that dramatically reduces the extent and severity of natural blazes by using traditional indigenous fire management techniques is being hailed as a model with enormous potential in the fights against climate change and biodiversity loss. Biomass burning (including savanna wildfires) accounts for 10-20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, a large portion […]

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Water Disinfection Leads To Toxic Tapwater

A newly discovered disinfection byproduct (DBP) found in drinking water treated with chloramines is the most toxic ever found, says a scientist from the University of Illinois who tested the samples. The discovery raises concerns regarding an EPA plan to encourage all U.S. water treatment facilities to change to chlorine alternatives, said Michael J. Plewa, […]

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