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Operation Pangea targets unlawful internet sales of illegal prescription drugs

The FDA along with several international regulatory and law enforcement agencies took action this week against over 4,000 websites that were illegally selling dangerous and unapproved prescription drugs to U.S. consumers. This effort was part of an Operation called Pangea IX which was a global cooperative effort that included INTERPOL to stop the unlawful sale and distribution of illegal and potentially counterfeit medical […]

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Missing link found between brain and immune system

In a discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist. That these vessels could have escaped detection when the lymphatic system has been so thoroughly mapped throughout the […]

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“Nanosponge” removes toxins from bloodstream

Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego say they have created a “nanosponge” that is capable of safely removing a broad class of dangerous substances from the bloodstream – including toxins produced by MRSA, E. coli, venomous snakes, and bees. In a study using the toxin from MRSA, inoculation with nanosponges enabled 89 percent […]

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Language transforming medicine… for the worse

Senior medicos in the United States have launched a stinging attack on the use of business buzzwords in medicine, arguing that turning patients into clients is destroying medical humanism and demeaning both patients and health professionals. Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, doctors from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center say that reducing […]

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Water, the simplest appetite control method

An appetite control agent that requires no prescription, has no side-effects and costs almost nothing? A new clinical trial has confirmed that just two 8-ounce glasses of the stuff, taken before meals, enables people to shed pounds. The new miracle elixir? Water. The Virginia Tech findings, presented at the 240th National Meeting of the American […]

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Scottish Doctors Say “Nay” To Modern Medicine

A new study, appearing in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, found that 60 percent of Scottish doctors prescribe homeopathic or herbal remedies for their patients, with many scripts being written for babies and children under 16. The surprisingly high figure has caused concern in the UK’s National Health Service, which has called for a […]

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