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Simplicity of brain’s odor encoding revealed

In the real world, smells don’t happen one odor at a time. Animal movements distort plumes of odor molecules that constantly drift, changing direction as the wind disperses them. Now, by exploring how animals smell odors under natural conditions, Rockefeller University scientist Maria Neimark Geffen reveals that the brain encodes these swirling and complex patterns […]

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Prof Questions Darwinian Dogma

In a new paper that challenges the Darwinian model of evolution, University of Pittsburgh professor, Jeffrey H. Schwartz, contends that evolutionary changes occur suddenly as opposed to the Darwinian model of evolution, which is characterized by gradual and constant change. Schwartz’s paper, “Do Molecular Clocks Run at All? A Critique of Molecular Systematics,” appears in […]

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Addiction Mechanism Regulates Bonding In Monogamous Animals

The reward mechanism involved in addiction appears to regulate lifelong social or pair bonds between monogamous mating animals, according to a Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN) study of prairie voles published in the Journal of Comparative Neurology. The finding could have implications for understanding the basis of romantic love and disorders of the ability to […]

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