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Ecstasy’s empathogenic properties revealed to be a sham

Researchers exploring the use of MDMA (ecstasy) in psychotherapy say that the drug distorts one’s perception of others rather than producing true empathy. Until now, the drug’s widely reported empathogenic effects have been difficult to measure objectively and there has been limited research in humans. Now, however, University of Chicago researchers are reporting their findings […]

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Disco Rats Last Longer On Ecstasy

A new study, published in BioMed Central’s journal Neuroscience, has found that loud music prolongs the effects of taking ecstasy for up to five days. The researchers, from the Italian Institute of Neurological Science and the University Magna Graecia in Catanzaro, showed that the reduction in rats’ brain activity induced by MDMA (ecstasy, or 3,4 […]

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