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“It’s not you, it’s me,” means it’s probably you, say ovulation boffins

Long after women have chosen Mr. Stable over Mr. Sexy, they struggle unconsciously with the decision, with the highest levels of dissatisfaction occurring during ovulation. The new findings, from UCLA’s Martie Haselton, appear in the journal Hormones and Behaviorand add to previous research that showed how ovulation affects perception and female behaviors. Haselton’s new work […]

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Unnatural selection: Courtesy of The Pill

Hormonal contraceptive methods – such as The Pill – may be having an underappreciated impact on a woman’s ability to choose, compete for and retain her preferred mate, suggests a new paper in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. The new paper builds on previous research (see related links below) which found that the […]

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High testosterone drives risky investments

Higher levels of testosterone correlate strongly with financial risk-taking behavior, finds a new study in Evolution and Human Behavior that sheds light on the evolutionary function and biological origins of risk taking. Undertaken by Anna Dreber and Coren Apicella, both from Harvard University, the study builds on previous work that demonstrated that stock market traders […]

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3 Seconds To Choose A Mate

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania studying dating data from more than 10,000 members of a speed dating agency have uncovered rare behavioral data on how people act in dating situations. “Some people say they’re looking for one kind of person, then choose another. Other people say they don’t even know what they’re looking for. […]

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