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Brain mapping gets a reality check

The idea that researchers can unravel different brain functions by performing MRI scans while subjects perform tasks is deeply flawed, say Case Western Reserve University scientists in a scathing critique of recent high profile studies that rely on neuroimaging. The new work calls into question the findings from recent diverse experiments that have linked different […]

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Face Blindness Caused By Single Gene

Imagine how debilitating and awkward it would be if you could not differentiate faces in a crowd. It sounds like a nightmare, but this is the reality that sufferers of prosopagnosia (PA) – otherwise known as face blindness – have to contend with everyday. The condition can be caused by a brain injury, but studies […]

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New 3-D Map Of Cosmos Is Biggest Ever

A team of astronomers have just published the largest three-dimensional map of the universe ever constructed, a wedge-shaped slice of the cosmos that spans a tenth of the northern sky. Team leaders Nikhil Padmanabhan and David Schlegel say the new map encompasses 600,000 uniquely luminous red galaxies, and extends 5.6 billion light-years deep into space, […]

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