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Groundwater depletion accelerating worldwide

A new assessment of the planet’s subterranean reservoirs shows the highest rates of depletion in the world’s major agricultural centers, including northwest India, northeastern China, Pakistan, California and the Midwestern United States. The depletion rate has doubled in recent decades and study author Marc Bierkens, of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, warns of a looming […]

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Likely sea level rise underestimated

If the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapses, as many experts believe it will because of global warming, the resulting sea level rise will be significantly higher than is currently projected, a new study published in Science has found. Already projected to average between 16 and 17 feet around the world, the new figures suggest the […]

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Feedback Loop Puts The Heat On Climate Predictions

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California believe they can quantify the effects of climate feedback-loops using past increases in natural carbon dioxide and methane gas levels as a guide. Worryingly, their results point to global temperatures at the end of this century that may be significantly higher than current […]

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Sea Level Rise Accelerating

Rutgers University scientists, reporting in the journalScience, say that global ocean levels are rising twice as fast today as they were 150 years ago, and warming from human activities appears to be the culprit. The speed of the rise today is two millimeters per year, compared to one millimeter annually for the past several thousand […]

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