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Antiquarian Herbal Book Yields Potential New Drugs

An unusual collaboration between Mayo Clinic researchers and a shamanistic healer from the Pacific nation of Samoa has yielded up a potential new treatment for the bacteria that can cause diarrhea. The researchers were first made aware of the possible therapeutic applications of the South Sea plant extract after applying modern data-mining techniques to the […]

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Brain Knows More Than It Lets On

While our behaviors may vary, the knowledge we hold in our brains is remarkably resilient, say scientists who have been observing the antics of rhesus monkeys. They believe that we often make unwise choices although we should know better, and that the brain remembers, even if we don’t. Study leader Thomas D. Albright, from the […]

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Electron Crystal Lattice Yields Superconductor Clues

With equipment so sensitive that it can locate clusters of electrons, Cornell University and University of Tokyo physicists are attempting to explain the puzzling behavior in a high-temperature superconductor, perhaps leading to a better understanding of how such superconductors work. The researchers say that under certain conditions, the electrons in the material pretty much ignore […]

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