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Short men living longer

Shorter men live longer, according to new research that shows shorter men were more likely to have a protective form of the longevity gene, FOXO3, leading to smaller body size during early development, lower blood insulin levels, and less cancer. “We split people into two groups – those that were 5-foot-2 and shorter, and 5-4 […]

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Cars, TVs, triggering type-2 diabetes epidemic in developing world

Skyrocketing obesity and an epidemic of type-2 diabetes look likely for developing countries, as researchers at Simon Fraser University find a striking correlation between disease prevalence and ownership of TVs, computers, and cars. The findings, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, are based on data from more than 150,000 adults from 17 countries, ranging […]

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Lack of sleep causing obesity epidemic?

Challenging the long-held notion that the main function of sleep is to give rest to the brain, researchers have found that not getting enough sleep has a significant impact on fat cells, reducing by 30 percent their ability to respond to insulin, a hormone that regulates energy. The new findings, detailed in the Annals of […]

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Is Your Carpet Making You Fat?

Flame retardants, known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), are found in consumer products like carpeting, upholstered furniture, computers and household appliances. In use since the 1960s, the chemicals supposedly make for safer households by retarding combustibility, but their ubiquity is now prompting questions about what other effects these additives might have. PBDEs are so widespread […]

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