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Autoimmune diseases linked to adolescent marijuana use

Medical researchers from the Universita degli Studi di Milano (Italy) say that exposure to marijuana during adolescence can seriously affect immune system development, leading to autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases in adulthood. Reporting their findings in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, the researchers say teenage marijuana use could be a risk factor for diseases such […]

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A biomarker for suicidal tendencies?

The radical notion that depression is caused by inflammation of the brain is gaining traction in neuroscience circles and has prompted some Swedish researchers to look more closely at the biochemistry of those who have made violent suicide attempts to try and identify a biochemical marker to identify potential suicides. The brain inflammation theory directly […]

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Depression caused by brain inflammation?

Chronic depression is an adaptive, reparative neurobiological process gone wrong, say two University of California, San Diego, researchers. They suggest that the debilitating mental state originates from ancient mechanisms used by the body to deal with physical injury, such as pain, tissue repair and convalescent behavior. The researchers hope their study, published in Neuroscience and […]

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The Skinny On Bad Fat

The role that inflammation plays in diabetes, heart disease and other disorders is a hot topic in medical research these days. The recent finding that poor oral health contributes to cardiovascular risk underscores the complex interplay of our bodily systems. Now, researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (WU) have obtained […]

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