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Immune System Sculpts The Brain

The synapse elimination that occurs during the normal development of a child’s brain seems to be directed by the immune system, say researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Beyond understanding how connections are weeded out in a normal, developing brain, the finding could also help explain some neurodegenerative disorders – such as glaucoma, […]

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Newly Identified Protein Offers Clue To Immune Infertility

The autoimmune disorder known as immune infertility affects both men and women, causing their immune systems to “wage war” on sperm. Now, researchers think they may be closer to understanding what causes the body to react in this way. University of Virginia (UVa) researchers have reported finding a new human protein – radical radial spoke […]

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HIV’s Virulence An Evolutionary Accident

The high virulence of HIV-1 might be due to an accident of evolution, say researchers writing in the journal Cell. They believe gene function lost during the course of viral evolution predisposed HIV-1 to spur the fatal immune system failures that are the hallmarks of AIDS. HIV is unusually lethal when compared to similar viruses. […]

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Prof Ponders Bacterial Benefits

Destroy all bacteria, bacteria are bad; goes the mantra of mothers everywhere and the cleaning product industry. But they could be incorrect, says Stanford University microbiologist Stanley Falkow. In an essay in the latest issue of the journal Cell, he canvases the intriguing idea that persistent bacterial and viral infections may have very real health […]

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Hormone Used To Rebuild Immune System

Scientists from Monash University in Australia have rejuvenated the immune systems of mice and humans using a common hormone. Their findings, published in the Journal of Immunology, could represent a breakthrough in the way patients with cancer, AIDS and other immunodeficiencies are treated. The work is also relevant for the ongoing treatment of transplant patients […]

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