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3D images generated from single lens

Researchers at the Harvard School of Engineering have developed a way for photographers and microscopists to create a 3D image through a single lens, without moving the camera. Detailed in the journal Optics Letters, this improbable-sounding technology relies only on computation and mathematics, rather than special lenses or hardware. Lead researcher Kenneth B. Crozier said […]

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Orbiter captures Curiosity’s descent

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has transmitted to Earth an astounding picture of the rover Curiosity as it descends by parachute towards the surface of Mars. The rover was still encased in its protective shell when the picture was taken. Moments later, the shell and parachute were jettisoned and the rover began its powered descent into […]

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Earliest cave art was erotica, say anthropologists

A block of limestone in southwestern France is adorned with what anthropologists believe are engravings of female genitalia dating back 37,000 years. The ceiling piece containing the proto-pr0n (pictured) was discovered in 2007 at Abri Castanet, an archaeological site that contains some of the earliest examples of primitive art. New York University anthropologist Randall White, […]

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