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Sudden increase in ice loss in Antarctica

An international group of scientists has observed a sudden increase in ice loss on the Southern Antarctic Peninsula, what was previously thought to be a stable region of Antarctica. Led by scientists from the University of Bristol (UK), the group has published their observations in the latest edition of Science. Using measurements of the elevation […]

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Melting threat from ice sheet overestimated?

The total or partial collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would not raise global sea levels as high as predicted contends a new study, but the effects would be most strongly felt in coastal areas of the United States. Antarctica holds about nine times the volume of ice of Greenland and its western ice […]

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Interplay Of Glaciers And Ice Sheets Raises New Concerns

A study looking into the dynamics of glacier flow and ice sheet breakdown has found that the melting of major ice sheets, and the subsequent rise in sea level, may occur much more rapidly than previously thought. The researchers say that the rapid structural breakdown of some important parts of the ice sheets on Greenland […]

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