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Artificial leaf clears developmental barrier

Putting together the chemical reactions that make photosynthesis happen has proven harder than scientists initially thought, but in a new paper in Nature Chemistry, Arizona State University (ASU) researchers describe the breakthroughs they have made toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf. The researchers hope their work will one day allow the inexpensive production of hydrogen […]

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Nano-rod solar cell generates hydrogen

A new type of solar collector that uses gold nano-rods could convert sunlight into energy without many of the problems associated with traditional photovoltaic solar cells. The developers of the new technique, from the University of California – Santa Barbara, say it is “the first radically new and potentially workable alternative to semiconductor-based photovoltaic devices […]

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New class of supernova discovered

They’re bright, blue-and a bit strange, say Caltech astronomers who are puzzling over the lack of hydrogen in the spectrums of a number of distant stellar explosions. Caltech’s Robert Quimby, detailing the discovery inNature, said that six supernovae of this new type had so far been identified. Back in 2007, Quimby discovered what was then […]

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Much simpler catalyst could fast-track hydrogen economy

The black mineral stain commonly found on rocks turns out to be a very simple and effective catalyst for replicating what photosynthesis does – splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The discovery, reported in Nature Chemistry, was made by scientists from Monash University, Australia, with the assistance of researchers at the University of California – […]

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Candy-Munching Bacteria Prodigious Hydrogen Producers

Bioscientists at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom have demonstrated a reactor that uses hydrogen-producing bacteria and sugar waste to generate electricity via a fuel cell. The researchers involved say the technology could also be used to power hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. Interestingly, the project used waste products, in this case diluted nougat and caramel […]

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MOF Power

Cars that run on hydrogen rather than gasoline are closer to becoming a reality, as researchers at UCLA and the University of Michigan show how significant amounts of hydrogen fuel can be stored efficiently in a remarkable new material. The ground-breaking new study, set to be published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, […]

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Shedding Light On The Hydrogen Economy

A technique that uses photochemical molecular devices to produce hydrogen gas from water could be an important step on the way to seeing the widespread use of hydrogen as a power source in the future. The chemists from Virginia Tech (VT) presented their research yesterday at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society in […]

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Poo Power From New Fuel Cell

A new fuel cell is being developed that can turn raw sewage into electrical power says an article in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. The microbial fuel cell not only treats wastewater, but also provides a clean energy source with the potential for enormous financial savings, according to scientists at Pennsylvania State University. While […]

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Solar Hydrogen Not Far Away Say Aussie Boffins

Since the 1970’s, science has made major advances in achieving one of the ultimate goals of science and technology – the design of materials required to split water using solar light. Now, Australian scientists say that harnessing the power of the sun to extract clean and almost unlimited energy supplies from water will be a […]

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