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Primatologists Snap Rare Gorilla Nookie Pic

Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have released the first known photographs of gorillas performing face-to-face copulation in the wild. This is the first time that western gorillas have been observed and photographed making the beast-with-two-backs. The photographs were captured in a forest clearing in Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park […]

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Human Diaspora May Have Occurred Later Than Previously Thought

Modern humans spread out of Africa up to 50,000 years later than previously thought, say anthropologists. Three new studies in the current issue of Science examine precisely when it was that modern humans evolved in Africa, left Africa and colonized different areas of the Old World. Until now, theories held that modern humans spread from […]

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Human Brain Evolution Slows To A Crawl

The human brain underwent explosive growth after we split from our chimp cousins, but the pace of evolutionary change among the thousands of genes expressed in brain tissue has since slowed, says a new study in PLOS Biology. The researchers involved speculate that the higher complexity of the biochemical network in the brain places strong […]

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New Discovery Doubles Age Of First Human Rituals

An archaeological discovery made in Africa looks set to change our understanding of when humans began conducting rituals. Previous digs had indicated our first rituals were carried out 40,000 years ago in Europe, but an area in north-western Botswana known as Ngamiland has provided evidence that Homo sapiens were performing advanced rituals 70,000 years ago. […]

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Homo Sapiens Brow-Beaten By Neanderthals

We modern-day humans think that we’re pretty damn good looking compared to our brow-ridged, potato nosed Neanderthal relatives, but new research indicates that perhaps it is we who are the evolutionary sideshow freaks. Based on comparative fossil studies, the new research, appearing in the August edition of Current Anthropology, claims that it’s humans and not […]

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Novel Robot Will Be “Dynamic And Graceful,” Says Prof

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have put together a new type of robot – dubbed “Ballbot” – that balances and moves on a single large ball, rather than legs or wheels. Created by Carnegie robotics boffin Ralph Hollis, Ballbot is a self-contained, battery-operated, omnidirectional robot that balances dynamically on a single urethane-coated metal sphere. Ballbot […]

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Global Warming Behind Early Primate Diaspora?

Exactly what prompted early primates to travel between continents 55 million years ago has perplexed scientists for years. And there are at least 4 different scenarios supposed to explain how primates “simultaneously” popped into existence in Asia, Europe and North America. Now, a collaborative study involving researchers from the University of Michigan (U-M), Johns Hopkins […]

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Adolescence Lasts Into Twenties

Just when does an adolescent transform into a mature, responsible adult? Some parents who are still cooking, washing and picking up after their 18 year old offspring may suspect the answer is never. These parents may feel vindicated when they hear of two Dartmouth researchers who claim that a person’s brain continues developing toward adult […]

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Key Points In Brain Evolution Identified

A research team from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, led by Bruce T. Lahn, has uncovered some fascinating genetic pointers to the human brain’s evolution. Their findings, in the journal Science, relate to sequence variations in two genes that regulate the size of the brain in humans. Interestingly, the major variants in these genes arose […]

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