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Oops. Greenhouse gas levels appear to be significantly underestimated

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions has traditionally relied on estimating emissions from all the activities and processes that might generate the gases, but Berkeley Lab scientists who instead took actual atmospheric measurements found that levels of nitrous oxide (N2O) may be up to 3 times greater than previous estimates. Their paper, “Seasonal variations in N2O emissions […]

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CO2 Emissions In China Rocketing

The growth in China’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is far outpacing previous estimates, making the goal of stabilizing atmospheric greenhouse gases even more difficult, say economists at the University of California. The previous estimates used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predict China will see a 2.5 to 5 percent annual increase in CO2 […]

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Exotic Form Of Carbon Dioxide Cranks Up Greenhouse Effect On Venus

Planetary scientists have tracked down an exotic form of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus, which they believe could affect the way the greenhouse mechanism works there. The discovery was announced at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s Division of Planetary Sciences in Orlando, Florida. Hints of the molecules presence were first […]

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Laughing Gas Levels From Biodiesel Crops Not Funny

The wide uptake of biodiesel will not make any difference to global warming and could result in greater emissions of greenhouse gases than from conventional diesel, suggests a new study in Chemistry & Industry. The study was based on a comparison of the two fuels over their entire lifecycle – from production to combustion. All […]

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Crop Yields Set To Plunge

Past research indicated that rising levels of greenhouse gases could benefit crop yields, but that theory now looks to be incorrect. Worrying new research from the University of Illinois (UI) suggests that rising carbon dioxide levels could in fact trigger serious food shortages. The researchers based their findings on open-air field trials involving five major […]

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Researchers Slam Media Over Wrong-Headed Plant-Methane Hype

The researchers who found that plants emit significant quantities of the greenhouse gas methane have come out swinging at what they believe is widespread “misinterpretation of the findings” by worldwide media. The original study in Nature, conducted by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development […]

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Super Greenhouse Gases Could Help Terraform Mars

A team of researchers believe that introducing global warming on Mars may be the best approach for warming the planet’s frozen landscape and turning it into a habitable world in the future. The report, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, suggests that seeding synthetic “super” greenhouse gases into the Martian atmosphere could raise the […]

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