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Global warming unstoppable?

Emissions trading schemes, zero-emission vehicles and massive carbon sequestration projects aren’t even worth bothering with, claims a controversial new study that crunched the numbers and found the only way the warming trend will stop is for the world economy to collapse. “It looks unlikely that there will be any substantial near-term departure from recently observed […]

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Shrinking Icecap On Kilimanjaro Not Due To Global Warming

The dwindling icecap of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro (pictured) has assumed something like iconic status for those seeking to dramatically illustrate the supposed effects of human-induced global warming. But an article penned by two researchers in the current edition of American Scientist asserts that global warming has nothing to do with the decline of Kilimanjaro’s icecap. […]

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Warming Oceans Behind Stronger Hurricanes?

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) say the number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes (called typhoons or cyclones in other parts of the world) worldwide has nearly doubled over the past 35 years. The North Atlantic appears to be the area worst affected. Category 4 […]

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