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Deep oil reserves created without organic matter?

It’s generally agreed that the oil that fuels our cars started out as living organisms that died and were compressed and heated under layers of sediment in the Earth’s crust. But scientists have debated for years whether some of these hydrocarbons could also have been created deeper in the Earth and formed without organic matter. […]

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CO2 Emissions In China Rocketing

The growth in China’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is far outpacing previous estimates, making the goal of stabilizing atmospheric greenhouse gases even more difficult, say economists at the University of California. The previous estimates used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predict China will see a 2.5 to 5 percent annual increase in CO2 […]

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Laughing Gas Levels From Biodiesel Crops Not Funny

The wide uptake of biodiesel will not make any difference to global warming and could result in greater emissions of greenhouse gases than from conventional diesel, suggests a new study in Chemistry & Industry. The study was based on a comparison of the two fuels over their entire lifecycle – from production to combustion. All […]

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