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Innovative lightweight metal foam set to protect astronauts

Lightweight composite metal foams are effective at blocking X-rays, gamma rays and neutron radiation, say researchers from North Carolina State University who believe their discovery holds promise for use in nuclear safety and space exploration. “This work means there’s an opportunity to use composite metal foam to develop safer systems for transporting nuclear waste, more […]

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Gamma ray burst was brightest ever

Astronomers from around the world have combined data from ground and space based telescopes to paint a detailed portrait of a stellar explosion that was briefly brighter than the galaxy that contained it, visible to the naked eye despite originating halfway across the universe. The gamma-ray burst, catalogued as GRB 080319B, was the result of […]

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Gamma Ray Apocalypse A Long Shot

A supernova gamma ray burst that could extinguish all life on Earth is one apocalyptic scenario that doesn’t get much airtime in the mass media. Asteroids and global warming tend to hog the headlines, probably due to the fact that they are much closer to home; well, in our local solar system anyway, whereas a […]

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