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Bacterial Swimming Style Goes Against The Flow

The fact that some pathogenic bacteria swim “to the left” could explain the high incidence of infections associated with catheters in hospital patients, say researchers from Yale. The new study into bacterial “swimming” styles appears inPhysical Review Letters. To get to grips with bacterial backstroke, Yale hydrodynamics engineer, H�r Köser, constructed microfluidic devices with channels […]

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Turbulent 73 Years Over For Physicists

Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign believe they can now explain a phenomenon that has eluded explanation for over 70 years. Fluid turbulence, or more specifically, understanding and predicting the behavior of fluid friction, has baffled physicists for over 70 years. Fluid friction is a complicated business. Back in 1933, Johann Nikuradse measured […]

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