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One-third of world’s fish catches being needlessly used as animal feed

An alarming new study in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources contends that fully one-third of the world’s marine fish catches are ground up and fed to farm-raised fish, pigs, and poultry. The researchers involved say that this squandering of “forage fish” (anchovies, sardines, menhaden, and other small- to medium-sized fish) is rapidly worsening […]

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Something Fishy About Rocketing Oceanic Nitrogen Levels

A Canadian-U.S. study, published in Nature Geoscience, has found that commercial fisheries play an unexpected role in the decline of water quality in coastal waters. Researchers Roxane Maranger and Nina Caraco suggest that the collapse of the fisheries from decades of over fishing has played a significant role in disturbing the balance between nitrogen entering […]

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Evolution Makes A Mockery Of Fishing Policy

The fishing mantra of harvesting the largest individuals from a fish population introduces genetic changes that harm the overall fish population, a new University of California study has found. The researchers say that removing the large fish over several generations causes the remaining fish in the population to become progressively smaller, have fewer and smaller […]

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