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EMF exposure in pregnancy increases asthma risk

A new study appearing in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine has identified a dose-response relationship between a mother’s electromagnetic field exposure level in pregnancy and the asthma risk in her offspring. Women in this study wore a meter during their pregnancy that measured their daily exposure to low frequency magnetic fields (MFs) from […]

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Graphene stress produces gigantic pseudo-magnetic fields

Researchers have reported the creation of pseudo-magnetic fields far stronger than the strongest magnetic fields ever sustained in a laboratory – just by putting the right kind of strain onto a patch of graphene (a sheet made from a single layer of carbon atoms). The finding, reported in Science, adds to graphene’s growing list of […]

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Magnetic Appeal Of Schizophrenic Superconductors

Researchers believe they have developed a theory to explain how ultra-narrow wires (nanowires) show enhanced superconductivity when exposed to strong magnetic fields. The new theory, applying to wires only a few hundred atoms across, appears in Physical Review Letters. Magnetic fields are something of an enigma when it comes to superconductors. Generally, magnetic fields suppress […]

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Satellites Catch Earth Reconfiguring Its Magnetic Field

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) have managed to perfectly position their 4 Cluster spacecraft so as to measure the Earth’s magnetic field spontaneously reconfiguring itself. The process, called magnetic reconnection, is a transitional phase involving the interaction of plasma filled magnetic “bubbles,” and is thought to be responsible for driving a variety of […]

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Artificial Proteins Could Help Repair Cells

Johns Hopkins University researchers have created a new class of artificial proteins that can assemble themselves into a gel and encourage the growth of selected cell types. This biomaterial, which can be engineered to send different biological signals to cells, is expected to assist scientists who are developing new ways to repair injured or diseased […]

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