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Trying to sound sexier? Sorry, guys, you just can’t do it

A series of experiments by researchers at Albright College suggests that men cannot intentionally make their voices sound more sexy or attractive, while women have little trouble increasing their vocal allure. The research, appearing in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, examined the patterns that emerge when men and women intentionally modify their voices to project […]

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Exercise induced female orgasm is real, say scientists

Indiana University (IU) researchers say they have confirmed that exercise alone – without any sexual act or fantasy – can produce a female orgasm, a phenomenon they refer to as a “coregasm.” Researcher Debby Herbenick (pictured), said that while the findings are new, reports of the coregasm (so-called because of its association with exercises for […]

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MRI scans reveal diverse female sexual sensory palette

The notion that the clitoris is the major source of female genital sensation has been directly challenged after MRI brain scans revealed that stimulation of the vagina, cervix and nipples strongly activated three separate and distinct sites in the brain’s sensory cortex. Around 60 years ago, researchers localized in the brain exactly where all sensations […]

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Male testosterone levels surge with ovulation

Instead of using perfume to attract a mate, women may be better off going au naturel, say researchers from Florida State University who observed surges in testosterone when men were exposed to ovulatory odors. Scientists have known for some time that testosterone levels in male animals are influenced by the odor signals emitted by females. […]

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New Molecular Insights Into Post-Coital “Ladies’ Choice”

It’s common knowledge that males take the obvious sexual selection route, using bright plumage, energetic mating dances or fancy sports cars to lure mates. But it seems as though females may have adopted a much more sneaky strategy for choosing who they want to breed with. In the Journal of Proteome Research, scientists report possible […]

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Men: Simple Creatures

No matter the species, males evolve flashier features and more melodious warbles in an eternal competition to win the best mates, a concept known as sexual selection. Charles Darwin first noted that males appear to evolve more quickly than females, but why this is the case has, until now, been something of a mystery. “It’s […]

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