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Oceanic acidification “unprecedented”

Carbon dioxide emissions are acidifying the planet’s oceans at a rate 10 times faster than occurred in the lead up to past mass extinctions of marine organisms, say an international team of researchers. Their study, appearing in the journal Science, analyzed paleontological records over the past 300 million years and concluded that the chemistry of […]

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One Third Of Amphibian Species May Disappear

Amphibian species are under unprecedented assault and are experiencing tens of thousands of years worth of extinctions in just a century, according to a new study which examined the status of all 5,743 known amphibian species. The researchers say that around a third of all amphibian species are now threatened with extinction. Scientists from more […]

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Mass Extinctions In Peru Due To Climate Change

The new century may bring hundreds or even thousands of plant and animal extinctions to the Andes Mountains of Peru according to new research by Florida Institute of Technology Paleo-Ecologist Mark Bush. Bush’s findings, chronicled in the journal Science, result from the study of the first continuous record of Andean climate change during the past […]

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