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Courtship affects gene expression

Some of the mysteries of human mating behavior could now be explained thanks to a new study that shows that certain genes become activated in fruit flies when they interact with the opposite sex. Understanding why and how these genes become activated within social contexts may also lead to insights into disorders such as autism, […]

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Biologists Create Gene “Dimmer Switch”

Writing in the journal Cell, three Boston University biomedical engineers report they have created a genetic dimmer switch that can be used to turn on, shut off, or partially activate a gene’s function. The switch – developed by James Collins, Charles Cantor and Tara Deans – could help advance the field of synthetic biology, which […]

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Gene Silencing Offers New Strategy For Treating Disease

In two papers published in the online edition of the journalNature Chemical Biology, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center say they have developed a technique that can control gene expression by turning them on or off at the DNA level. In doing so, the research team may have paved the way for the development of […]

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