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Testosterone fails as menopausal magic bullet

A new study involving women with early onset menopause found no detrimental effects from testosterone supplementation, but there were no significant improvements either; in quality of life, self esteem, or mood. “Bringing testosterone back up to normal may not bring them [menopausal women] the boost they hoped for,” the researchers report in the journal Menopause. […]

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Birth control hormones threaten fish fecundity

Writing in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, researchers from Sweden say that traces of many medicines can be found in fish that have been swimming in treated waste water. One such medicine, the hormone levonorgestrel, was found in higher concentrations in fish than in women who take the contraceptive pill. Elevated levels of levonorgestrel […]

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Early Exposure To Toxins Sets Stage For Adult Tumors

For gene-environment interactions, the timing of the environmental exposure may be critical, say scientists at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. In a unique animal study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research conference, the researchers found that rats susceptible to developing uterine tumors inevitably developed tumors when exposed to an environmental toxin just […]

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