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Wine drinkers clueless about alcohol servings

Scientists know that environmental cues like plate size can impact eating behaviors, but the effect of environmental factors on wine consumption has, until now, not been studied in detail. In a new study, published in Substance Use and Misuse, researchers tested what effect six environmental cues would have on participants who were asked to pour […]

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Women: they don’t make ’em like they used to

A study of 16th century European skulls by North Carolina State University researchers has found that women are beginning to resemble men as differences in gender-associated craniofacial features become less over time. The study, appearing in the journalForensic Science International, examined hundreds of Spanish and Portuguese skulls spanning four centuries. Principal researcher, Dr. Ann Ross, […]

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Country boys boast bigger junk

According to a new study in the journal Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, men in rural areas have significantly larger penises than city-dwellers.Penis size bragging rights between country and city will likely ensue, but the original purpose of the study was not to measure size, but to establish a baseline set of data for […]

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New evidence for environmental chemicals impacting female fertility

UCLA researchers have found the first evidence that chemicals used in everyday items such as food packaging, pesticides, clothing, upholstery, carpets and personal care products may be associated with infertility in women. The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, found that women who had higher levels of perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) in […]

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The cold shoulder can be downright chilly

Metaphors which make a connection between cold temperatures and emotions such as loneliness, despair and sadness may be more literal than we think, with a recent study suggesting that there is a psychological basis for linking cold with feelings of social isolation. Psychologists Chen-Bo Zhong and Geoffrey Leonardelli from the University of Toronto wanted to […]

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Size matters! Nanosilver risks unknown, say watchdog group

Widespread use of nanoscale silver in consumer products will challenge regulatory agencies to balance important potential benefits against the possibility of significant environmental risk, says a new report by industry watchdog The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN). The issue of risk and nanoscale silver was highlighted after the EPA earlier this year imposed a landmark […]

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Drink-Up For Superior Sperm

Men who drink alcohol regularly are more likely to have better semen quality while men in certain occupations are more likely to have poor semen quality, according to research carried out by scientists from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester. The research, published in the journalOccupational Environmental Medicine, shows that men who work with solvents […]

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Nanoparticle Laced Wastewater Could Compromise Treatment Plants

Silver’s prodigious ability to kill bacteria hasn’t gone unnoticed by consumer product manufacturers, resulting in a growing number of household items that use silver nanoparticles to suppress bacterial populations. But these new products may unintentionally jeopardize water treatment plants, says a University of Missouri (MU) researcher who has found that the nanoparticles can destroy the […]

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Graphene’s “Muffin-Tin” Nanodots Explained

Researchers believe they now understand how graphene – a featureless, one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms – lying on an equally featureless iridium surface, self-created a kind of “muffin tin” that formed identically sized and spaced muffins out of applied iridium atoms. “At the outset,” writes Sandia researcher Peter Feibelman, who devised the explanatory simulation published […]

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The Parking Lot As Environmental Vandal

The American desire for easy parking is having a disastrous effect on the environment, say Purdue University researchers. From suburban driveways to the sprawling lots that spring up around big retailers, this growing land-use trend plays a key role in heating up urban areas and adding to water pollution, says their new study. The researchers […]

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