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Ionic thrusters challenge jet engines for efficiency

Largely regarded as a scientific curiosity, a new investigation into electrohydrodynamic thrust has found that it may actually be more efficient than jet propulsion. Electrohydrodynamic thrust – sometimes referred to as “ionic wind” – was first identified in the 1960s. A basic ionic thruster consists of three parts: a very thin copper electrode, called an […]

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More Of The Same From The Net

While Internet search results do bring up a variety of useful materials, researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia have found that people pay more attention to information that matches their pre-existing beliefs and prejudices. “Even if people read the right material, they are stubborn to changing their views,” said one of […]

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Taking The Heat Off Inefficient Engines

An incredible 60 percent of the energy that goes into an automotive combustion cycle is lost, primarily to waste heat through the exhaust and radiator system. It’s no surprise then that physicists are looking at how to harness this wasted thermal energy and convert it into electricity via thermoelectric devices. Speaking at the NanoTX ’07 […]

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