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Sperm-like biological robot displays “remarkable” self-organization

Powered by cultured heart cells, tiny, self-organizing bio-hybrid machines that swim like sperm have been created by scientists at the University of Illinois. A report on the synthetic self-propelled bio-bots appears in the journal Nature Communications. “Micro-organisms have a whole world that we only glimpse through the microscope,” said Taher Saif, lead scientist on the […]

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Did population density create modern humans?

A controversial new study in the journal Science argues that increasing population density, rather than growth in the power of the human brain, is what catalyzed the emergence of modern human behavior. The University College London (UCL) scientists behind the study say that high population density leads to greater exchange of ideas and skills and […]

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ETs Very Unlikely, New Calculations Suggest

SETI and other ET initiatives are wasting their time if a scientist from the University of East Anglia, UK, is correct. Professor Andrew Watson has just completed a new mathematical model that suggests that the odds of finding new life on other Earth-like planets are extremely low. Central to Watson’s new model, published inAstrobiology, is […]

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