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Scientists merge electronics with bio-printed ear

Using off-the-shelf 3D printing tools, Princeton scientists have built a functional cell-cultured ear that can “hear” radio frequencies. The bionic ear is the team’s first effort to create a cybernetic organ: one that not only replicates a human ability, but extends it using embedded electronics “There are mechanical and thermal challenges with interfacing electronic materials […]

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Insect cyborgs get onboard power source

Attaching tiny sensors, recording devices and control mechanisms to insects is now a more realistic prospect after the discovery that electricity can be generated using the insect’s digestive system. The researchers, from Case Western Reserve University, stress that the fuel cell does not depend on movement or light; only on normal insect feeding. Details of […]

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Robot “Skin” Vital For Automated Space Exploration

NASA technologist Vladimir Lumelsky from the Goddard Space Flight Center believes the future of robotics lies with the development of a high-tech, sensor-embedded covering that would be able to sense the environment, much like human skin. Lumelsky has begun setting up a laboratory at Goddard to develop a high-tech covering that would enable robots to […]

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